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Utah People’s Post: BodyGuardz Launches Pure 2 Google Pixel Screen Protector

Utah People’s Post: BodyGuardz Launches Pure 2 Google Pixel Screen Protector

Pure 2 for Google Pixel


Finding accessories like screen protectors and other types of covers can be difficult for a new smartphone series. However, thanks to Google’s reach Pixel smartphone owners can now enjoy a wider variety of products as BodyGuardz has announced its new Pure 2 screen protector.

The accessory is compatible with both Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. It is made using AlumiTech, a proprietary type of technology, and it has been specifically designed for the Google’s smartphones. In terms of price, the screen protector for the Pixel will cost you $39.95 while the Pure 2 for Pixel 2 will feature a $44.95 price tag.

The Pure 2 screen protector from BodyGuardz is made from aluminosilicate glass. This material has is considered to have a hardness of 9H on the standard scale, which means that it nine times as strong as ordinary glass. This enhances the tear and shatter resistant capabilities of the screen protector. The magic lies in the aluminosilicate glass which contains aluminum oxide, capable of withstanding intense shock and high temperature. NASA uses this material to build the windows on space shuttles.

Furthermore, Pure 2 is three to five times stronger than most of the screen protectors available on the market, which are made from soda lime glass. It also comes with a coating which prevents smudges, the ideal solution if you are bothered by the number of fingerprints on the screen. Even if the screen protector gets scratched, the markings will be 25 percent less visible than that of protectors made from soda lime glass.

In addition to increased resistance, Pure 2 also does not affect the touch sensitivity of the phone so you can avoid tapping and swiping multiple times just to perform one action. BodyGuardz is also offering free lifetime replacements with a purchase of the Pure 2 protector, although it comes with several conditions and other terms which need to be met.

However, if you’re looking to buy the next generation of Google Pixel phones, you may not need a screen protector as the future devices are rumored to be waterproof to a certain extent. It remains to be seen what other features similar to screen protector the new phones will have.

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