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The Strongest Protection Available for iPhone 7: BodyGuardz Pure 2

The Strongest Protection Available for iPhone 7: BodyGuardz Pure 2


Thinner and Stronger BodyGuardz Pure 2 with AlumiTech Now Shipping

BodyGuardz, the leader in device protection innovation, announced the immediate availability of Pure® 2, the company’s new thinner and stronger tempered glass protection technology for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Compared to soda-lime glass, BodyGuardz Pure 2 delivers:

• Up to 25 percent increase in drop performance
• Up to 25 percent reduction in scratch visibility
• Up to 25 percent improvement in “retained” strength after scratching
• Up to 5X improvement in deep scratch resistance and associated lateral cracking

Pure 2 provides incredible strength and protection while maintaining at a mere .33mm thickness. Additionally, it’s optically clear, fully touch sensitive, fingerprint resistant, and features BodyGuardz’ patented Express Align installation tray, which makes it easy for anyone to apply the glass in moments.

“As a result of more than 5 years of hard work and dedication, we are thrilled to introduce Pure 2, our first aluminosilicate glass protector, which is thinner, stronger and easier to apply, than our current award-winning BodyGuardz Pure,” said Kirk Feller, president and CEO, BGZ brands. “This is the next step in tempered glass screen protectors. Our customers know us to offer the best, and we can confidently say this is the best screen protection on the market.”

As part of company’s mission to provide the ultimate device protection and best possible support to its customers, BodyGuardz offers their Advantage Program. The program includes lifetime replacements on all screen protection, including the new BodyGuardz Pure 2. For more information on the BodyGuardz Advantage Program, click here.

BodyGuardz’ thinner and stronger Pure 2 screen protector, is available for purchase today for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. To learn more about the real-world benefits of Pure 2, click here.