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The Crown Review Round-up

The Crown Review Round-up

Here’s what two reviewers had to say about ScreenGuardz Pure + The Crown tempered glass screen protector this week. We love hearing people rave about our products, especially when they review phone accessories all of the time and our products shake things up:

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“The easiest glass screen protector install I’ve ever done. Pretty ingenious and very simple. First time I’ve seen this. The edge is nice and smooth and feels like the original iPhone glass.”

Watch the full review here. 







Read the full review here. 

” The second thing I noticed is something I’ve never seen in a screen protector that is just amazing–the plastic insert in the box is actually a guide! After cleaning your phone, you peel the backing off of the glass protector, set the guide over your phone. The guide is perfectly shaped for your specific device so the alignment is perfect. You then peel off the backing on the outside, push down, and lift the guide. The result is a perfectly placed screen protector.”