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iPhone Life: Magazine The Screen Protector That Will Last A Lifetime & The Ultimate Case for Protection

iPhone Life: Magazine The Screen Protector That Will Last A Lifetime & The Ultimate Case for Protection

iPhone Life Magazine: Bodyguardz keeps a unique commitment to its customers: when you buy the Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector ($39.95), you’re making an investment that will last your iPhone’s life-long. If your screen protector cracks or shatters, send it to BodyGuardz and you’ll receive a replacement, free (apart from shipping, of course). The Pure 2 screen protector is designed to work perfectly with the BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case ($34.95) for protection on all-sides of your iPhone. The Ace Pro case is flexible and slim with a surrounding border for good grip. The combination of the Pure 2 and Ace Pro offers unmatched protection for your iPhone 7. Each product was designed to accommodate the other, resulting in a duo that is unstoppable.

Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector ($39.95)

With a 30-day moneyback guarantee and lifetime replacements, the BodyGuardz Pure 2 screen protector offers the best bang for your buck. The Pure 2 uses Aluminosilicate tempered glass, which is five times more scratch-resistant and increases drop performance by 25 percent (when compared to sodaline glass used in various competitors’ screen protectors). We all drop our iPhones and feel the pain, but with the Pure 2, you can rest easy knowing that even if the screen protector shatters, your iPhone’s screen is safe and your screen protector is freely replaceable for the lifetime of your device. The glass of the Pure 2 is thin, at .33mm, but strong. Pair it with the Ace Pro Case, featured below, for complete protection from drops and shocks. To see the Pure 2 screen protector in action, check out iPhone Life’s CEO David Averbach at CES 2017 speaking with Micheal from BodyGuardz below.

BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case ($34.95)

The impact technology that athletes trust to keep them protected on the field is the same impact tech that supports your iPhone when covered with the Ace Pro case. The Unequal technology absorbs and dissipates shocks from impacts. The surrounding bumper offers an added layer of protection as well as a strong grip for holding onto your iPhone 7. The clear back of the Ace Pro allows your iPhone’s sleek beauty to shine through. The case itself has a slim profile, making it lightweight while offering a top level of protection. A protective bezel extends beyond the screen to protect the front of your device; this bezel starts where the Pure 2 screen protector ends, ensuring full protection for an iPhone utilizing both.

If you need a protective case without unnecessary bulk and a screen protector that includes replacements for the lifetime of your device, there’s none better than this BodyGuardz duo. The Pure 2 screen protector, with its 9H hardness, is prepared to absorb impacts and resist scratches. The Ace Pro case compliments the screen protector perfectly, offering protection for the rest of the iPhone, front and back. Combined, you can rest easy knowing your iPhone 7 or 6s is safe in all kinds of situations.

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