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iPhone Life: Best of CES 2017 Winners

iPhone Life: Best of CES 2017 Winners

iPhone Life Magazine: Looking for a glimpse into the future? That’s why hundreds of thousands of people flock to Las Vegas each year for CES, where tech companies from all over the world debut their most innovative new products.

A dedicated team of iPhone Life writers combed the far reaches of every hall to find the coolest new tech for your iPhone or iPad. Our Best of CES 2017 Awards went to the most forward-thinking, creative, and useful iOS-related gear coming to market this year.

Bodyguardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector (Starting at $39.95)

bodyguardz pure 2 tempered glass screen protector

What’s the difference between one tempered-glass screen protector and another? In the case of the Bodyguardz Pure 2, it’s the type of glass. While most glass screen protectors are made from soda lime, the Pure 2 is made from aluminosilicate, which is stronger and more scratch resistant, so it offers the best possible protection for your iPhone screen. And to top it all off, Bodyguardz still has the best system for applying the screen protector perfectly without stress.

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