BodyGuardz, leader in mobile device protection accessories, announces the launch of its new two-way privacy tempered glass screen protector. Spyglass™ is designed to shield the screen and private data from people around, while still offering optimal screen protection for the device with tempered glass.

“Our devices store so much of our very personal information,” says Leslie Greve, Director of Brand Management at BGZ brands. “Passwords don’t protect your pictures, passwords and work e-mails from those around you. We need to protect our information and SpyGlass solves that issue. Even if you don’t work on top-secret documents, we’ve all wanted to privately use our phone while standing in line or on crowded public transit. SpyGlass shields your data so that you are the only one who can see what is on your display while in these crowded areas.”

BodyGuardz SpyGlass has solved the issue of being able to access confidential information on a device with complete discretion. The screen protector works to protect a device in two ways; First, the tempered glass is designed to absorb the impact of a drop, decreasing the likelihood of a scratched or cracked screen. Second, a two-way privacy film is incorporated into the glass to obstruct the view of the screen from onlookers. The privacy film is designed to be clear when viewing the device directly, but darkens as the device angles past 30 degrees, blocking visibility from viewers on either side. SpyGlass only obstructs visibility when the device is held vertically, so information can still be shared with others by flipping it to landscape mode.

SpyGlass™ features:

  • Thin, tempered glass screen protection
  • 2 way privacy technology
  • Smooth, anti-smudge surface
  • 9H hardness
  • Easy to apply

BodyGuardz SpyGlass is currently available for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s PLUS, Samsumg Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 and LG G4. It is shipping now through for $39.95.

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