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BodyGuardz Integrates Life-Saving Impact Technology Into Mobile Phone Case

BodyGuardz Integrates Life-Saving Impact Technology Into Mobile Phone Case

Unequal Material Reviewed by FDA and Proven by Tufts Medical Center to Reduce Commotio Cordis, Incredibly Effective at Protecting Internal Phone Components

LEHI, UT. JAN. 11, 2018 — BodyGuardz®, a leading provider of mobile device protection, has integrated Unequal® impact technology into its mobile phone products—a groundbreaking shear-thickening material reviewed by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and proven by Tufts Medical Center to reduce the risk of blunt-force sudden death (Commotio Cordis).

By leveraging this revolutionary shear-thickening material, BodyGuardz entire case collection is uniquely positioned to protect the delicate internal components of mobile devices. Each case is incredibly effective in absorbing and dissipating impact energy—minimizing internal device shock.

“Our mission is to deliver the industry’s best impact protection,” said Kirk Feller, BodyGuardz chairman and CEO. “As avid sports fans, we applaud Unequal’s FDA-reviewed breakthrough athletic protection and its proven effectiveness at protecting the human heart. Just imagine what it can do for your phone’s internal components. The fact that we have successfully integrated this life-saving tech into our cases highlights our commitment to innovative excellence.”

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